Tubing Clamps

Tubing Clamps

Tubing Clamps

PAC Stainless stocks two different clamp options in a wide variety of sizes. The versatile STAUFF® clamps and the simple, yet effective Gang Clamps. All of these clamps are available to meet your tubing support and bundling needs. Whether your clamp requirements call for single-line or multi-line runs in a stainless steel or polymer construction, PAC Stainless has the appropriate clamp for your application.

Stauff® Clamps

stauff clamp

STAUFF® Clamps have become well-known in many onshore and offshore applications as the industry standard for tube, pipe and hose support clamping systems. With the addition of their anti-corrosion technology (ACT) clamp, STAUFF® continues to provide solutions for high-vibration and corrosive environments and are proven to have excellent weathering resistance even under extreme conditions. Please contact us for any of your STAUFF® Clamp needs.

Gang Clamps

gang clamps

These clamps can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 12 tubes and custom sizes can be manufactured. All tubing Gang Clamps are fabricated in 316 stainless steel with a minimum 16 gauge thickness. Mounting holes are drilled to facilitate the use of 1/4” threaded fasteners. Back plates are offered with the multi-line clamps; Single clamps come as a one piece solution. Yoke and Duplex clamps are also available.