Chemical Process

Chemical processing and petrochemical solutions

Today’s chemical demands create additional strain on existing facilities, which can lead to maintenance challenges and project volume increase. Instrumentation and analytical processes are critical paths to the success of chemical facilities. The appropriate alloy selection for tubular products can greatly increase the life cycle of particular systems ranging from steam condensers to chlorine, hexane, and naphtha chemical processing. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with the correctly specified material for those challenging requirements.

  • Acid production
  • Ethylene production
  • Derivatives
  • Organic and inorganic chloride processing
  • Polyethylene production
  • Polypropylene production
  • Sulfuric acid processing

General Chemical Processing Industry Requirements

High nickel alloys provide critical corrosion resistance in the chemical and petrochemical processes. 316L is the workhorse for primary instrumentation and analytical applications, however, when the processes get tough, or the heat exchanger requires a higher grade alloy, then C276 and alloy 825 are your better options.

Common Applications for Chemical Processing

Acid Production
Chemical and Petrochemical Processing
Chemical and Plant Construction
Fertilizer Processing
High-Halide Content Tanks
Organic and Inorganic Chloride Processing
Sample Lines for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Steam Condensers
Sulfuric Acid Environment Equipment