Food & Beverage

Food processing solutions

Tubing used in food and beverage production facilities must meet stringent quality and regulatory requirements to ensure sanitary and hygienic conditions. In addition to sanitary requirements, the industry often requires corrosion resistance in acidic environments.

  • Food processing
  • Sugar processing
  • Meat processing
  • Fish processing
  • Dairy production
  • Bread and milling
  • Beverage production
    • Distillers
    • Breweries

General Food & Beverage Industry Requirements

Stainless steel tubing is not chemically reactive, making its inertness essential for food and beverage applications. In order to meet FDA standards and avoid hygienic hazards, the materials used must be smooth to prevent the accumulation of biofilms, able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures—cooking and freezing—for food safety, and  easy to maintain and clean.

Common Applications for Food & Beverage

Food and Dye Production
Sanitary piping systems