Temperature control solutions

From bending simple hydraulic lines to machining tubing to precise dimensions, we carry the optimum alloy for all your tubing fabrication needs. Readily available and easy to work with, alloys 304/L and 316/L stainless are the most versatile stainless materials used in the fabrication industry. Manufacturing a complex piece of equipment with higher corrosion and temperature considerations? Use one of our high nickel alloys to get the job done.

  • Hydraulics
  • Injection systems
  • Control lines
  • Machine parts

General Fabrication Industry Requirements

While maintaining all of its sought after properties—think corrosion, extreme temperature, pressure resistant—stainless steel can be easily bent, formed, and welded. The sky is the limit to the versatility of nickel alloys.

Common Applications for Fabrication

Control and Instrumentation
Gas Chromatography
Geothermal Wells
Pickling Operations Heating Coils and Tanks
Semiconductor Fabrication
Textile Equipment
Waste Treatment Evaporators