Oil & Gas

Offshore, subsea, and oil refining solutions

Of the industries that continue to innovate in the face of mounting technical challenges, few have benefited more from stainless steel and specialty alloys than the oil and gas industry. The discovery and production of hydrocarbons often take place in inaccessible and hostile conditions and underscore the importance of material selection for tubing applications. Whether on deep water offshore projects or on refinery conversions, we are a partner in providing solutions that ensure safe and reliable operations.

  • Upstream: Alloy 625 instrumentation tubing in H2S environments.
  • Midstream: Alloy 304/L and 316/L tubing for gas pipeline compression stations.
  • Downstream: Alloy 904L tubing in refinery components.

General Oil & Gas Industry Requirements

Stainless steel and specialty alloy tubing used in the oil and gas industry require a unique focus on quality from the mill to the point of use to ensure safe production of hydrocarbons.

Common Applications for Oil & Gas

Chemical Injection
Environmental Testing
Flue-Gas Desulfurization
Gas Scrubbers
Oil and Gas Production Equipment
Oil Refining
Pollution Control: Sulfur-Containing Flue Gas
Sour Gas well Environments
Topside Platform Applications