Marine and maritime solutions

Stainless steel is the recommended alloy of choice in the marine industry. The corrosion resistant properties and strength of stainless steel make it uniquely suited for hydraulic and control systems on processors, tug boats, fishing boats, and yachts.

  • Commercial fishing and seafood production
  • Ship and boat building
  • Repair and maintenance

General Marine Industry Requirements

Salt water creates a tough environment. Stainless steel is a cost effective alloy that is strong, bendable, weldable and prolongs life under the harsh conditions on the water. Below and above deck hydraulic units and control systems can be controlled with tube runs that are secured to walls and bulkheads for compact, tidy, and clean installation.

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Common Applications for Marine

Deck Handling Equipment: Cranes & Winches
Seawater Cooling Equipment
Seawater Handling Equipment
Water Desalination Equipment