Our Values

A company promise that lasts a lifetime

At PAC Stainless, we practice a culture of ownership that is rooted in the values of integrity, responsibility, honesty, and dependability. These values are seen at the core of our people, our products, and our promise to not only our customers, but also to ourselves. We can promise you this:

When serving a large variety of customers, we have to be particularly mindful and understanding of customer needs; the customer experience drives everything that we do.

Our supplier qualification and monitoring programs, rigorous receiving inspection policies, and attention to handling allows us to focus on sourcing premium products. We’re able to preserve quality throughout the entire distribution process—from acquisition to end-use applications.

We manage our relationships for the long term. We hold each other to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

We treat all stakeholders with respect, which fosters a climate where everyone can thrive and develop.