Instrumentation Fittings

PAC Stainless is proud to offer the FITOK instrumentation fitting and valve line. FITOK adheres to the most stringent industry standards and, as a result, is one of the most certified tube fitting and valve manufacturers in the world. This quality, high-value, import product is available in stainless steel and many other nickel alloys.

Fittings and tubing go hand-in-hand; anywhere instrumentation or hydraulic tubing is in use you can bet on seeing a fitting on one end and/or a valve on the other. It just makes sense to purchase your valves and fittings from the same place that you get your tubing. Let PAC Stainless be your one-stop-shop for all of your valve and fitting needs.

Both double and single ferrule (6 Series) compression fitting options are offered and are ASTM F-1387 certified. These fittings are available in a variety of configurations including straights, elbows, tees, crosses, caps, plugs, connectors, adapters, and reducers, and include options like port connectors, tube stub, AN fittings, NPT thread, SAE thread, BSP threaded (BSPP and BSPT), butt weld, and socket weld.Double and Single Ferrule, Fractional sizes: 1/16” to 2”, Metric sizes: 3mm to 50mm, Temperature range: -325°F to 1200°F
Also available are traditional thread and weld fittings that meet standard code pressure ratings, 6K thread fittings over 1” rated to 6,000 psig, and 10K thread fittings rated to 10,000 psig (689 bar).These pipe fittings are manufactured to restricted thread tolerances and feature rolled male threads which provide an ease of installation and less likelihood of galling.NPT thread (female NPT and male NPT), SAE thread, and BSP thread (BSPP and BSPT) end connections are available and weld fittings include tube socket weld, pipe socket weld, and butt weld. JIC 37° flare (AN)fittings and adapters are also available.
Instrumentation Quality, Heat Code Traceable, 316 Stainless Steel adapters, offered in 3 separate series. Our VA Series Adapters (JIC, 37° flare) meets SAE J514 requirements and is available in all configurations up to 2”. Our DIN 2353 product is manufactured in accordance with both DIN2353/DIN EN ISO8434-1.The DIN Bite type tube fitting is a flareless metric fitting that consists of a body, progressive ring (sleeve) and nut. We offer a complete line of configurations up to 38mm.Our HD series of Oring Face Seal (ORFS) adapters are manufactured in strict accordance with SAE J1453. This series provides superior sealing performance and is suitable for higher pressure hydraulic systems. All configurations available up to 2”.


PAC Stainless can provide you with the complete line of FITOK valves for all flow control needs. All pressure ratings are approximate and for illustration purposes only. Values are not guaranteed or warranted.


SizesTemperature RangeMax Pressure Rating
1/8″ to 1″-40°F to 450°F10,000 psig

This versatile valve solution is available in two way and angled (shut-off), and three way (switching) designs. There are 12 different styles of ball valves available with various end connection options.


SizesTemperature RangeMax Pressure Rating
1/8″ to 1″-40°F to 450°F10,000 psig

Needle valves provide shut-off and flow regulation in analytical instrumentation and process systems. Straight and angle pattern options are available in a wide range of end connection, stem, o-ring, and material configurations.


SizesTemperature RangeMax Pressure Rating
1/16” to 3/8”-40°F to 450°F2,000 psig

For use in analytical instrumentation and other applications where fine flow metering capabilities are required. 1°, 3°, & 6° stem taper angles can be selected for different sensitivity levels of flow control. Panel mounting can be achieved with no handle removal.


SizesTemperature RangeMax Pressure Rating
1/8″ to 1/2″-10°F to 400°F3,000 psig

Plug valves provide low-torque, quarter-turn actuation making them an ideal solution where repeated manual actuation is required. Compact and lightweight, these plug valves can be mounted close together allowing for great use of small spaces.