Electropolished (EP) Tubing

For applications with surface finish requirements well beyond the quality realized in a standard mill finish, PAC maintains an inventory of electropolished tubing (EP) in diameters ranging from 1/8” through 1”. Through submersion in an electrically charged electrolyte solution bath, a smooth uniform surface is created by dissolving imperfections. This process removes any contamination on, or just below, the tube’s surface and passivates it, bolstering the corrosion resistance of the steel

The pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, food & beverage and semi-conductor industries all contain utilizations where fine smoothing of the tube is critical for heightened cleanliness, the removal of occluded gases or friction reduction imperatives.

Stocked in a 316/316L chemistry with a maximum hardness of RB 90, the surface finish of the tube internal surface is certified to have a maximum roughness of 10 micro-inches Ra. The governing specifications for EP tubing are ASTM A269, A632 and A1016.

In ISO Class 4 clean room conditions, each tube is purged with ultra high purity (UHP) nitrogen and then capped and double bagged. Certification qualifying the tubing’s production standards, chemical composition, material traceability and maximum surface roughness is provided for all material.

Cleaning Specifications
(CGA G – 4.1, ASTM G93-03, ASTM A380)

Semiconductor Fabrication, Food & Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Petro-Chemical Industries
Outside Diameter (OD)Wall Thickness
1/8” – 1”.028” – .065”

Electropolished (EP) Tubing (Printable PDF document)