Metal in Motion

Metal in Motion

In the world of car hopping, where vehicles are customized to bounce as high as possible, metal tubing components found in hydraulic systems play a crucial role. This sport, deeply rooted in cultural and community traditions, is not only an adrenaline-pumping spectacle but also a form of self-expression.

Heavy-Duty Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems are often made using stainless steel tubing. Known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, this awesome metal enhances the performance and longevity of these high-performance systems. Given the extreme angles and heights that some of these customized Lowriders achieve, it is vital that every mechanism is finely tuned and able to withstand the rigors of use without malfunctioning.

Did You Know:

  • A lowrider typically features a control panel with between 3 to 24 switches, and every switch is dedicated to a specific operation.
  • Some of the different movements these switches can control include:
    • Lifting or lowering each corner
    • Lifting or lowering the front or rear of the vehicle
    • Lifting or lowering the entire car
  • The type of pump (and the amount of them on the vehicle) determine the overall performance.
    If the lowrider uses one pump, then the vehicle can be raised or lowered. If it uses 3 pumps, then the vehicle is able to “hop,” while 4 pumps allow each corner of the vehicle to go up and down independently.