Eco-Friendly and Easily Accessible

Eco-Friendly and Easily Accessible

Stainless Steel Has Recycling Superpowers

Steel is one of the most durable and accessible materials out there. However, that’s not the best part about it. The fact that steel is 100% recyclable makes it one of the best materials to work with. When steel is produced, it has an infinite life cycle. It may reach the end of its life in a specific product or building, but it can be fully recovered and reused afterward. It’s also easy to retrieve in the recycling process due to its magnetic properties.

According to the World Economic Forum,

“Producing steel from secondary source steel scrap uses mainly electricity and emits significantly less. In fact, producing steel from secondary source steel scrap with clean electricity results in a very low-emitting circular material.

This bodes well for steel as the world transitions to a carbon-neutral circular economy, as steel will be increasingly favored over other materials in overlapping applications with less circular and less carbon-neutral potential.”

Aluminum: Another Metal with Superpowers

Aluminum is also considered one of the most efficient and sustainable materials. The process of melting Aluminum down to its molten form does not change any properties of the metal. Therefore, like steel, aluminum can be recycled infinitely.

As Clean Technica puts it:

“Besides steel, aluminum is the most used material in the auto industry. The advantageous properties of aluminum make it an attractive automotive component. Lighter and strong, aluminum is a key material in the strategy to make lightweight vehicles for improved efficiency, being it extending the range of an EV or reducing the battery capacity size.”

What an incredible metal!